About Clay Konnor

Clay Konnor is a digital strategist, UX and creative director in Milwaukee, WI with over 20 years experience in UX & UI design.

The Evolution of Personalization

The Evolution of Personalization It’s a predictable pattern—the concomitant rise of technology and user expectation. When Zappo’s revolutionized how we find shoes online, consumers expected it everywhere. When mobile devices delivered the mobile web, consumers demanded mobile experiences that work. Now, just as the technologies that enable en­hanced targeting have rapidly evolved, so too [...]

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An Introduction to User Flows

An Introduction to User Flows User flows are a crucial component of User Experience Design The diagram below represents the unique alchemy of science and art that moves a design concept from abstract to concrete in the digital design process. There are many sub-steps along the way, some are identified in the diagram, but there [...]

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eBook – Email vs. Marketing Automation, What’s All the Confusion?

Email vs. Marketing Automation, What's All the Confusion? This item is an eBook that I wrote, illustrated and published on the subject of the differences between email and marketing automation. It was written for a brand called "Membership Avenue," which is a digital marketing and marketing automation brand dedicated to the [...]

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The Importance of Online Reviews

The Importance of Online Reviews Your company is online to tell a story. Ideally, you’re in control of that narrative — finely crafting a story that resonates with customers and a brand presence that backs this up with every interaction. But even if you’re diligent with digital marketing, you can [...]

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