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Clay Konnor is a professional musician, digital strategist, UX and creative director living in Las Vegas, NV.

eBook – Email vs. Marketing Automation, What’s All the Confusion?

Email vs. Marketing Automation, What's All the Confusion? This item is an eBook that I wrote, illustrated and published on the subject of the differences between email and marketing automation. It was written for a brand called "Membership Avenue," which is a digital marketing and marketing automation brand dedicated to the [...]

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The Importance of Online Reviews

The Importance of Online Reviews Your company is online to tell a story. Ideally, you’re in control of that narrative — finely crafting a story that resonates with customers and a brand presence that backs this up with every interaction. But even if you’re diligent with digital marketing, you can [...]

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Succeeding in Micro-Moments

Succeeding in Micro-Moments When people reach for their mobile devices to find information they need at the moment, is your brand there? If not, you could be missing out on countless of opportunities to connect. With the importance of smartphones in daily life growing all the time, your brand needs to [...]

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Turning Perception into Profit: Why Yelp Stars Matter

Your brand’s online reputation is everything – without a positive perception, a potential customer may not even try your product or service. So it makes sense that the more stars your Yelp rating has, the better for your business and your bottom line. What’s the value of a Yelp review? Yelp [...]

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I Moved – But My Reputation Didn’t

Moving your business to a new location can be filled with a lot of headaches. And as if moving your business itself isn’t stressful enough, once you’re in your new location you might have something else to worry about: your Yelp ratings — or rather, a lack of Yelp ratings. According [...]

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Using Facebook for Small Business Saturday Promotion

Judging from the Christmas tree that went up the day after Halloween at the department store near the office, it’s that time of year again – the two months in which giant chain businesses square off against local businesses to claim consumers’ holiday spending cash. The big names have “Black Friday,” but local businesses have their [...]

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Social Media – What Will You Do With Your Extra Day?

Most Small Businesses Spend 6 Hours or More Weekly on Social Media. Statistics show that most small businesses spend at least six hours weekly on social media to spread brand awareness and draw in customers. Since 78 percent of U.S. consumers say that their purchases are impacted by a company’s [...]

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Why Do I Need Reviews?

Online reviews are obviously essential for restaurants and hotels, but why would other businesses need them? The truth is that reviews have a search engine optimization benefit for all businesses, even those in industries that have not traditionally relied on reviews to attract customers. Modern consumers see reviews ant ratings [...]

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