Lead the way
You must surely know
what I’ve been searching for
And where we’ll find it

Lead the way
Understand my heart
is in your guiding hands
And love is here within my life

In my life
Never did my dreams believe
You could be here
We could be on this journey, now

Lead the way
There’s so much to see
I’ve only seen enough
I’m right beside you

Lead the way
Now we are here and
here is where the road begins
To all we’ll need within our lives

In our lives
Who would ever have believed?
But you are here
and we are on this journey now

Lead the way
We’re finally here
and here is where we’ve always been
So let the world begin

(Open your wings) Open your wings
(Fly on together) Fly
No matter where you are
Follow your heart

And love will surely lead the way…