Project Description


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The diagnostic imaging department of GE Healthcare approached us with the the challenge to develop a new product introduction website for their sales staff. They also wanted a universal symbol to represent diagnostic imaging. I gave them Geopolis – a virtual city that contained unique areas that the user could visit. The theater showed archival video content but also provided a forum for live, hosted events in which users could gather, watch content and participate in the conversation. Another area of the city provided a promenade of shops which could be “built” using the custom administration section of the product. Each of these stores introduced a new product and provided a complete set of information about that product including a 3D walk-around, image galleries, videos, and documentation. A user could use a “digital camera” device to capture any content in the city to their own, personal notebook which they could revisit at any time and to which content could be added by GE Healthcare. Saved content also triggered push notifications of product updates and new introductions. Other parts of the city included a press room and a news stand.

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