Project Description


Like many software redesign projects this proved very challenging. So often when I’m contracted to redesign software I confront a product that was built from the system perspective with no regard for how users actually interface with the product. Reworking software design involves getting back to the fundamentals of user research to truly understand how to create interfaces that empower users to go from their goal to accomplishment with the least amount of “friction” or frustration.

Software interfaces are commonly used by their users every day. Redesigning them to deliver on the promise of user-centric design makes the users’ jobs easier and builds employee loyalty. It also brings value to their customers.

Kewill contracted me to rebrand one of their shipping and fulfillment products, completely redesign the extremely complex software from the ground up and create a design system for both the native software and branded versions to be used by their customers like FedEx, Adidas and other global brands. The result was the brand new Blujay brand.

I’ve included a “before” image to demonstrate how archatic these interfaces were. As with many software redesigns it was discovered during research that different user types used the software differently. For this reason I redesigned the “Profile” section of the software to allow users to create their own custom workflows.

Download the complete style guide here.