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fathom that – june 21, 2006

On Being a Runner One thing I haven’t done in a long time but used to enjoy a lot is scuba diving.  I got into scuba diving through the influence of my Uncle George on my mom’s side.  He’s the one who had twin girls at the age of 76 and is now 83 [...]

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distance – february 7, 2006

Distance I got to contemplating the concept of “distance” yesterday.  It started 
in a 
strange way.  I was flipping through channels late last night and came across “Passage to India”, the E.M. Forester story.  It’s not that good 
a movie but it was on a hiDef channel and had [...]

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i swim in a pool of memories – august 29, 2005

One of the untold secrets of parenthood is this; solitude is gone.  If you’re not dealing with your child; feeding her, caring for her, rocking her to sleep; you’re definitely thinking of her pretty much all the time.  Mundane decisions now involve a different dynamic.  New parents find this shocking.  I know some who [...]

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my first tape recorder – may 16, 2005

My First Tape Recorder I think in a way I'm lucky to have grown up in an era where a certain number of things have really changed in technology; nothing like my grandmother who saw the invention of the automobile and the airplane and many more significant advancements in her life, but still there's [...]

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one true thing – april 12, 2005

I was moving some books around on my shelves tonight and dropped one. I remembered that scene in “Next Stop Wonderland” where the book shop owner advises the woman to read something out of a book she drops. Well this was a little book I’ve never read. It’s by Anna Quindlen, who has written [...]

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coleman hawkins on improvisation – march 2, 2005

I was cleaning out these old music magazines from the studio and I came 
across this ancient interview with Coleman Hawkins, widely considered 
one of 
the greatest jazz players ever.  The interview is reprinted here from 
late ’40s.  I noticed whenever I had read this the first time (must have 
been like when [...]

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reflections – february 26, 2005

I was noticing on the walk to my office from my local haunt of morning caffeine what became my contemplation for the day.  Because I had my umbrella raised against the constant rain I was kind of looking down as I walked.  I noticed the incredible things that were going on in the reflections [...]

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