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it’s all that way – march 30, 2012

Dave had a new, almost permanent feature by this time.  A toothy smile that he had developed somewhere between now and the time I last saw him when he packed his meager belongings, most of it musical gear, into his humble car and made the three day road trip from Racine, Wisconsin to what would [...]

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ring the bells – december 22, 2010

Imagine a boy Kneeling by the window Lookin’ out across the driveway at the rain Will it always rain? I remember the bells From on top of the hill And I thought they played their music just for me And day by day The rain turned to snow Now I don’t hear them anymore [...]

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the ad council, personal worries, and giving – june 14, 2010

I have my browser set so that it opens up to Today I opened it up to see the photo of a seven-year old girl who had been swept away and killed in the Arkansas floods. Earlier this month I listened to a woman tell me of extreme childhood abuse and the scars [...]

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sometimes, be like water – october 10, 2009

I’m not sure why I’m so drawn to water.  Perhaps it is from swimming so much as a child or maybe there really is some sort of cosmic connection to a past life; I don’t know.  I was walking around today just to clear my head and get some fresh air.  I strolled down [...]

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commencement – january 1, 2009

Bayside Middle School made a big deal out of Eight Grade Graduation. I remember my dad had just gotten a new car; a very light yellow four-door sedan with tan leather interior. Although he had owned it just a few short weeks it already held his scent, a unique alchemy of leather, freshly hewn grass [...]

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