On Sunday I was walking along the familiar strip of beach at the secret place.  It was a beautiful, verdant day with so much promise of Spring.  I was doing the usual – scoping for sea glass.  The tide was high so there was very little beach which usually means that you’ll find a lot of glass as there’s all kinds of freshly washed-up stuff on the beach.  Sure enough after just a few yards of beach my pocket was heavy with glass.  As I walked a little farther on the beach I stated picking up just the larger pieces I saw, skipping the ones I deemed as too small.

Chloe would always scold me for this.  She’s proud to be able to find the smallest pieces of glass.  I think it’s part of her personality actually, finding the detail in things. When she was a baby the first thing she would do when she got a new toy, stuffed animal or even piece of clothing was rotate it in her little hands until she found the tag, then she’d flip the tag back and forth in her fingers or against her ear.

As I approached the area where I head back up the hill I saw a tiny little green piece of sea glass and I remember literally thinking in my head that it was indeed cavalier to not pick up every piece; especially when there are days when I can’t find so much as a little shard.  So I spent the effort, bent down, (heard the creaking in my knees) to pick up this tiny piece.  As I picked it up my finger moved enough sand and little stones around it to reveal the edge of the biggest piece of cobalt blue glass I’ve ever found.

As I walked up the hill, the obvious occurred to me.  Sometimes, it pays to put in the effort even when you think the return will be small; that just beyond your expectation, slightly out of sight could be an unexpected reward.

By Clay Konnor