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Clay Konnor is a digital strategist, UX and creative director in Milwaukee, WI with over 20 years experience in UX & UI design.

commencement – january 1, 2009

Bayside Middle School made a big deal out of Eight Grade Graduation. I remember my dad had just gotten a new car; a very light yellow four-door sedan with tan leather interior. Although he had owned it just a few short weeks it already held his scent, a unique alchemy of leather, freshly hewn grass [...]

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learning to swing – october 3, 2008

I have few clear recollections of my early years.  But one day I recently remembered with remarkable clarity is the day I learned to swing by myself.  I must have been around four years old.  One thing that was wonderful about my childhood was the physical location of where it took place. We had [...]

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perfect pitch – july 17, 2008

One of my musician friends has perfect pitch.  I met him on the American Idol tour two years ago and talked to him about it.  Perfect pitch is the ability to identify a pitch simply by hearing it.  It’s a great party trick; while someone is moaning about a particular roll in backgammon, for [...]

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15 years & 30,000 feet – february 25, 2008

I have this vague geometric model in my head that represents in an abstract way the return home from any destination.  I see the trip back as passing through a funnel that gets increasingly narrower as I approach Milwaukee.  The actual plane that lands in Milwaukee is the neck of that funnel and contains [...]

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sound like yourself – january 1, 2008

It was a sound I had to have. I remember hearing it for the first time in songs like Spyro Gyra’s Morning Dance and Catching the Sun. By this time, I was already a fairly accomplished trumpet player and enjoying the instantaneous popularity only afforded to those kids who carted over-sized instrument cases on [...]

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nothing is sacred – september 17, 2007

When something is sacred it is said to be “regarded with reverence” and “properly immune to interference.”  We all consider certain things in our lives to be sacred; from the objectively frivolous but subjectively important to relationships with our children, to the hallowed promises of God. I recently heard Emerson misquoted “consistency is the [...]

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our town – november 16, 2006

In a rare occurrence, the four Konnor kids are gathered here around my dad’s bed.  The nurses and doctors have told us to expect dad to die in the next day or two, so we’ve all silently agreed that we need to stay here, or probably more accurately to not leave at least for [...]

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the national gallery – october 15, 2006

Whenever I have the opportunity to visit an art museum I haven’t seen before I generally head to the Impressionists.  The National Gallery is a really serious museum with a wonderful collection of art that spans many, if not all of the major periods of art.  This is a real contrast to the art [...]

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relative minors – october 10, 2006

After working though Chloe’s piano materials and tucking her into bed, I came back down here to the piano to work on a couple things I’ve started.  I’ve been working on one song in G minor.  Written music has two major categories, major and minor.  Major and minor refer to the key in which [...]

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