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Clay Konnor is a digital strategist, UX and creative director in Milwaukee, WI with over 20 years experience in UX & UI design.

reflections – february 26, 2005

I was noticing on the walk to my office from my local haunt of morning caffeine what became my contemplation for the day.  Because I had my umbrella raised against the constant rain I was kind of looking down as I walked.  I noticed the incredible things that were going on in the reflections [...]

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shades of grey – december 2, 2004

Shades of Grey I was thinking this morning (contemplating) while walking in Lake Park that the light was such that it almost appeared as though I was looking at a black and white photo.  I've always loved b&w photography.  The dark gray of the tree branches and the whiteness of the new snow were [...]

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one thing of beauty – nov 12, 2004

Back in 1997 I went through a pretty dramatic depression.  It was not only attendant to a miserable divorce but also to the things that experience brought me to look at.  I underwent a lot of therapy, took antidepressants and slowly learned that the only way out was through; to learn a different way [...]

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haiku – april 24, 2004

grey sky breaks away now above the clouds now soaring this, the flight (to you) skies are always clear if you stay above the clouds they call it falling sun distracts my eyes from the sweetness of your smile close my eyes now, dream crayon clouds above in a grey blue crayon sky downpour [...]

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